The Awakening

"Knowledge is the accumulation of facts… wisdom is the deduction from these facts of useful laws, a process which can only take place by comparing the facts in one compartment with those in all others, thus giving a vision of the whole." ~~Vera Stanley Alder~~

Mind Trip

by Pascale Denise

written by griffinjlg30
The human mind so great in design,
The human mind had purpose touched by the divine,
The human mind so easily mislead,
But the mind grows off the illusion that it’s fed,
Dates marked to give excitement to no end,
Masses chase after energy robbers of these constructed trends,
The human being is the unique creation of this world,
Granted permission to roam free in will and thought,
Although its original innovate nature seems at times to be lost,
Captured in this mental prison…
Don’t disturb them with topics like this,
Cause in the human mind they say “Prison where is it?”
Don’t be fooled by the sparkle in their eyes,
They are sleep even though in the street they wave as they walk by,
Fogged perception,
Shattered glass,
Mislead… Miss fed… Calendars are just a marking for the blind…
Your design was a creation that is not M I N D

Feel Ya Body

by Pascale Denise

For your listening enjoyment

Regaining Mind B(L)ack

by Pascale Denise

Collaborative writing between  Johnta’ LavEL Hotep & AakifahMaat 
Lend me your ear young man. I am going to make you aware of their plan. Your body is trapped on the land. But your soul has a chance to advance…
The picture painted before you is all an illusion one shrouded in bliss, centuries of queendom now cast way, as if your true history never exists…
Where do you stand? You will see it’s your fall… But, in these lines I will give you jewels to get over the wall…
Misapprehension has falsely claimed self consciousness, ill fallacies, caught in a mental state of a coma…
Pulse racing, truth diluted, family destructed… It’s time for falsities to be uprooted. King your skin is a royal garment although your throne has been departed. Knowledge will awaken you from your slumber… Lioness roots can’t be silenced just like rain can’t overcome thunder…
Like rain they will attempt to wash away your dignity, but they cannot take what you do not freely give. Melaninated beauty, take up your crown and remove the chains from off your brow. Walk tall and know that you are the truth, not halve truths, but the truth through which humanity and civilization came…
From the pitch black darkness of history life began. Hue by diction defines beauty. So why are the blue blacks treated with such cruelty? The darker my covering the stronger my ether… Young man are you starting now to see this new picture?

What’s in a Name? Religious Context for Overstanding

by Pascale Denise

Co authored by Johnta’ LavEL Hotep

We ask that you read this particular blog with an open mind, we are not attacking any religion but only serve to provide a different frame of mind.

With a title like the one presented a person will feel that the following writing will deal with John, Bob, Jane etc. This will not be the endeavor per se. Let’s take the approach that we are trying to gain dominion over life through comprehension of terms. This world of words will be our garden; the unfortunate part is we can’t provide the original definitions, but we have the ability to decipher the meanings. Let’s begin by overstanding the term name:


Name: reputation… one’s reputation… well-known… appoint

We will begin our investigation in the “garden” of religious sects. We will use terms that are captured in the religious arena through the use of the etymology of particular terms and show a new picture of this group.

With the content provided we hope to spark a greater interest in your minds so that you may do further independent studying, as this will not be an all inclusive writing.

Christianity, one of the worlds dominating religions is shrouded in mystery. Most people who ascribe to the Christian faith have not given in depth thought to the doctrines that have been taught to them since childhood. Often when growing up in the church we’re told not to question the bible and to take it as it is. Or better yet, some Christians take their religious leaders words as fact without further investigation. And so there is no thought given to events like Jacob naming the place where he saw the face of God, Peniel, and it’s association with our pineal gland which is often related to higher consciousness (Genesis 32:30). To be frank most Christians do not read the bible for overstanding.

Religion in its complete context is something that will always remain mysterious to us and will always cause debate and continued wars between groups of different beliefs. However, maybe if we were to take a closer look at religion and gain a degree of knowledge on the subject we would be able to see the similarities between them instead of the division that it causes amongst us.

Religion is said to have began with Judaism, not accounting for the ancient African spiritual beliefs. Judaism accounts for the beginning of mankind and was established in 1000+ BCE. Following Judaism, Christianity was established in 100 CE (1st century) for those who became followers of Christ. The Islamic faith is one of the last faiths to have been established in 600 CE (7th century). Christianity and Islam share a lot of similarities, in fact the prophet Muhammad is said to have proclaimed that he was bringing the same revelation that Moses and Jesus brought to the people. Despite the similarities between the two faiths they have been entrenched in wars since the Crusades, the holy conflicts between the European Catholics and Muslims over the holy city of Jerusalem.

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How We’ve Come to Love

by Pascale Denise

A collaborative writing between Johnta Hotep & Aakifah Maat

“I’ll be your bad girl, I’ll prove it to you
I can’t promise that I’ll be good to you
Cause I have some issues, I won’t commit
No, not having it
But at least I can admit that I’ll be bad no to you (to you)
Yeah, I’ll be good in bed but I’ll be bad to you
Bad that I never made love, no I never did it”
-Wale “Bad”

Defining love is a task in its self.  In Sanskrit ‘LOBH‘ love means ‘greed’ .

Merriam Dictionary: states ‘attraction based on sexual desire; affection and tenderness felt by lovers; an assurance of affection; affection based on admiration’.

How did your surroundings shape your idea of love? Parent encourages their kid to do well in school and as a result of them doing well they receive an abundance of praise/admiration. They feel loved for their accomplishments. This will be a starting block to help in developing a base of how we come to our idea of love.
If we overstand the power of words as they are associated with spelling (is generally used for magical procedures which cause harm, or force people to do something against their will). A word actually cast a ‘spell’ this is why we spell out words. What type of magic is in the word ‘Love’ greed-a selfish and excessive desire for more of something than is needed, in our relationships have you not heard the phrase used with this aspect of thought.

Example: “If they loved me they would do…”
“If they loved me they would be here right now…”

When viewing television PROGRAMMING and movies you see this obsessive behavior associated with love affairs.

Words like admiration, enthusiasm, devotion, sexual embrace, affection become the building blocks of this ‘Love spell’. Love is now becoming a performance based confusion. A person is a contractual obligation in the pursuit of love.

But, how do we formulate the contractual view of love? Life is based on contractual agreements that is how! Birth you are given a contract (birth certificate) that makes you a debt slave. School is a contract based on performance, you earn certain marks and then you are able to move to the next level. Work also is based around a contract that is centered on performance/expectations.

Contract: a binding agreement, limit, restrict

When life is built on the barrier restricting contractual birth it is hard to view anything differently. On the playground you have young kids interactions built on these society based theories. If you don’t give me that candy I won’t be your friend. As we gain more years but less understanding of what love is we still bring the playground mentality to our relationships. *If you don’t get me that ring I will not be your wife (this is what love is)! A ring doesn’t mean I love you. In my mind the actions are what truly display the emotion/verb love.
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Chakra Associations In Depth

by Johnta' Lavell Hotep

Writing collaboration between Johnta Lavell Hotep & Aakifah Ma’at

The Sanskrit word, chakra translates into “wheel” or “wheel of light“, which refers to the constant rotational spin of the chakras. The spin associated with the chakras alternates in direction in sequence from the root to the crown chakra and is different in both sexes. In men, the rotation is clockwise and in women the rotation is counter clockwise. According to yogic philosophy, this term refers to the psycho spiritual centers located along the length of the spine. Each of the chakras is associated with different archetypal principles of consciousness.  In numerous teachings the chakras are said to be energy vortexes of the subtle bodies—the correct functioning and alignments of which is necessary for our emotional, physical, and spiritual health and well being. Thus a chakra is an energy center of the Human Energy Field (HEF) which spins like a wheel and opens like a funnel shaped flower. In essence our chakras are our feedback channels to the universe around us. Despite there being thousands of chakras situated throughout the body, yogic philosophy normally only focuses on seven or eight. The chakras ascend up the spine as follows:

    7. crown chakra,

    6. third eye chakra,

    5. throat chakra,

    4. heart chakra,

    3. solar plexus chakra,

    2. sacral chakra,

    1. root chakra.

 Knowledge of the chakras can help to cultivate, refine educate and give knowledge to an individual as to who they are and understanding themselves, providing them with guidance on their life journey.

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The Flow of Energy (The Law of Vibration)

by Pascale Denise

Everything in the universe has energy & therefore vibrates. Everything & everyone “tunes” into the plane, world, sphere and/or dimension corresponding to their own unique vibrations. Energy is vibration, hue-man beings are completely made up of pure energy in the form of the physical body, although the body & physical surroundings appear to be in a solid state as perceived through our five senses. Thus the Law of Vibrations states:
 Everything in the universe, no matter what it may be is energy. Energy makes up the entire universe.
 Most people are familiar with sound as a form of vibration. However as we move up the vibrational scale, there are the vibrations of electricity, heat, the spectrum of the colors, & further up we have the vibrations of x-rays. As things move up the vibrational scale, they eventually rejoin the Source, Yahuaha/God. Rejoining with the Creator & obtaining Christ-consciousness is the ultimate destiny of every hue-man being. If we are to constantly raise our vibrations of the soul & spirit by virtue of the process of perfection, we can achieve harmony with the Creator, at which point the vibration of our spiritual body will approach that of the Source.
Modern science limits the Law of Vibrations to be finite and limited to the physical world. However vibrations surpass that of the physical world. So again everything whether or not perceived through our physical senses has energy/vibrations. Every part of our being has energy, including our thoughts. And so it goes if we become aligned with the universe in vibration, we will be able to attract whatever the vibrations point to.