Chakra Associations In Depth

by Johnta' Lavell Hotep

Writing collaboration between Johnta Lavell Hotep & Aakifah Ma’at

The Sanskrit word, chakra translates into “wheel” or “wheel of light“, which refers to the constant rotational spin of the chakras. The spin associated with the chakras alternates in direction in sequence from the root to the crown chakra and is different in both sexes. In men, the rotation is clockwise and in women the rotation is counter clockwise. According to yogic philosophy, this term refers to the psycho spiritual centers located along the length of the spine. Each of the chakras is associated with different archetypal principles of consciousness.  In numerous teachings the chakras are said to be energy vortexes of the subtle bodies—the correct functioning and alignments of which is necessary for our emotional, physical, and spiritual health and well being. Thus a chakra is an energy center of the Human Energy Field (HEF) which spins like a wheel and opens like a funnel shaped flower. In essence our chakras are our feedback channels to the universe around us. Despite there being thousands of chakras situated throughout the body, yogic philosophy normally only focuses on seven or eight. The chakras ascend up the spine as follows:

    7. crown chakra,

    6. third eye chakra,

    5. throat chakra,

    4. heart chakra,

    3. solar plexus chakra,

    2. sacral chakra,

    1. root chakra.

 Knowledge of the chakras can help to cultivate, refine educate and give knowledge to an individual as to who they are and understanding themselves, providing them with guidance on their life journey.

The chakras are also associated with the 12 zodiac signs. The zodiac signs can be used for chakric interpretation. The placement of an individual’s planets within the different signs will provide different clues as to which chakric levels are emphasized.

Color therapy is used to balance and enhance the body’s chakras, as well as stimulate our body’s own healing process. Color therapy uses color to re-balance the chakra’s that have become depleted of energy. Color affects us on all levels, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. If our energy centers/chakras become blocked or depleted, then our body cannot function properly and this can lead to a variety of problems (some effects can be viewed in chart below).

In accordance with the universal laws of vibration, our bodies are an electric synergy of beating vibrational frequencies and dynamic rhythmic patterns that move with our emotions and shift with our thoughts.  Astrological aspects are the interactions between the energies of life and are represented by the angles between planets. The planetary astrological aspects are measured within a 360 degree circle and are categorized as either dynamic/challenging aspects or harmonious/flowing aspects.  Dynamic/challenging aspects include:

  • Squares, 90 degree angles
  • Opposition, 180 degree angles
  • Quincunx, 150 degree angles
  • Conjunction, 0 degrees angles (depending on the planets involved)
  • Semi-sextile, 30 degree angles (depending on the harmony of the planets and the elements of the signs involved).

Harmonious/flowing aspects include:

  • Trines, 120 degree angles
  • Sextiles, 60 degree angles
  • Conjunctions, 0 degree angles (depending on the planets involved)
  • Semi-sextiles, 30 degree angles (depending on the harmony of the planets and the elements of the signs involved).

There is a strong correlation between the astrological aspects and the musical notes associated with the signs. Astrological aspects that are categorized as dynamic or challenging have a cacophonous and harsh sound. In contrast to dynamic/challenging aspects, harmonious and flowing aspects have a pleasant and melodious sound.

Colors, Signs, and Musical Notes

Most are unaware that colors give off vibrations. These vibrations in a tiny octave are registered in the optic nerve and this is what creates what we distinguish as color. Colors can be considered rays radiating down to earth with specific rates of vibration. Some believe that the seven primary colors are rays that emanate from the planetary bodies. In the following lines information will be provided to support this aspect. Colors are visible to our eyes through an objects ability to absorb or reflect rays of light.

Now let’s move up the color scale. We will start our investigation with the color red. Red carries the lowest vibration on the scale. Mars is the planetary body that is associated with red. This planet is known to have dynamic power over iron as well as an association with the red ruby stone. Iron is responsible for the color of our blood, if we lack iron in our system we would have a cold pale liquid in our veins. Mars is the home of the god of war and gives a martial spirit to those who are under its sign. Red has a strong stimulating affect, for example think of herbs like cayenne, cloves, and musk, their affects can be attributed to the color red. Red is also a part of the lowest of the seven musical notes which is C. When the musical note is played certain sensitive people can see the color from the tone.

The next color that we see is orange and the planetary body it is associated with is the Sun. The color gives a warming and invigorating feeling. While red is a color that is stimulating to the body and the blood, orange is a color that is stimulating to the emotions. The musical note that is associated with this color is D. The metal that correlates to orange is gold. To the alchemist it is believed that this is the “Elixir of Life” which renders man immortal.

The third color is yellow, and is associated with Mercury as its planetary body. Yellow has been known throughout the ages to be a color that is associated with intellect and wisdom. This is why Buddhist priest were clothed in yellow robes. The musical note for this color is E. The jewel that is tied to this hue would be the yellow topaz, representing luminosity.

 The fourth color is green and its musical note is F. Its melodies are usually played in a minor key and are songs filled with melancholy due to its association with Saturn. Green has the stone emerald, which gives a peace of mind. When green is seen on a flag and or a lamp it represents safety and speaks of guardianship of those in authority. We are told that on the planet of Saturn lives our guardian spirits.

The next set of colors are considered to be cooling colors and are: blue, indigo and violet.

Blue is associated with the planet Venus, the giver of love, devotion and harmony. The stone is the amethyst, the super-sacred of seven sacred jewels. The musical note is G, a favorite for composers of romantic music.

Indigo is the sixth color on the scale. It is a color that soothes both the nerves and the blood. The planet that is associated with it is Uranus and its stone is jet. Its musical note is A.

Violet the seventh color on the scale has an association with the musical note B. This note is sacred which is why it is used in priestly ceremonies. Jupiter is the ruling planet; the metal tin and the jewel sapphire are also connected to this color.

Crown Chakra Associated with Leo


Element: Fire

Musical Notes: Bb major, G minor

Physical Association: right brain hemisphere, central nervous system, right eye

Gland: Pineal

Lesson: Relate to spirituality  (understanding)

Basic Rights: The right to know and to learn

Ruling Planet: Sun

Chakra: Crown – Sahasrara

Sound: Note ‘B’

Harmonious function: intelligent, thoughtful and aware, sense of spiritual connection, ability to perceive, analyze and assimilate information, open-minded, wisdom and mastery

‘This is  known as the Thousand Petalled Lotus or Divine Fire. This is the point of contact for a person receiving ‘cosmic consciousnesses’. In this center we bring together our total personality with life and the spiritual aspect of man. If it is a negative expression it can manifest as dissolution and create a personality that leads to a nervous breakdown.’

Physical imbalance: nervous system imbalances, poor short term memory, poor coordination, tired, hallucinations, ringing in the ears, dimming vision

Third Eye Chakra Associated with Cancer


Element: Water

Musical Notes: Ab major, F minor

Physical Association: Face, ears, eyes, nose, sinuses, nervous system

Gland: Pituitary

Lesson: Relate to mind, intuition, insight and wisdom

Basic Right: The right to see

Ruling Planet: Moon

Chakra: Third eye or Brow – Ajuna

Sound: Note ‘A’ & ‘Bb’

Harmonious function: intuitive and perceptive, imaginative, insight of the world that we live in, integrates information on many levels, thinks and lives holistically with nature, advanced intellectual skills

‘Divine Water or Divine Nature (psychological awareness of self). This center is responsible for the occurrence of the dissolution of duality; it controls the regulation of all mental processes, intuition, inspiration, and memory. Personal conscious unities in this center the blending of consciousness, super-consciousness, and the sub-consciousness. If expressed negatively fear and dependency is created and an individual is absorbed with thoughts of the past and has difficult living in the ‘NOW’.

Physical Imbalance: sleeping disturbances, difficulty concentrating, sinus/nose congestion, pain in the eyes, hard to make decisions, slow thinking, headaches, depression, hormonal difficulties


Throat Chakra Associated with Virgo/Gemini


Element: Earth

Musical Notes: C major, A minor

Ruling Planet: Mercury

Chakra: Throat – Vishudhi

Sound: Notes ‘G’ & ‘G#’


Element: Air

Musical Notes: F# major, D minor

Physical Associations: jaw, neck, throat, voice, airways, upper lungs, nape of neck, arms

Gland: Thyroid

Lesson: Relates to will and self-expression (communication/creativity)

Basic Rights: To speak and hear the truth

Ruling Planet: Mercury

Chakra: Throat – Vishudhi

Sound: Notes ‘G’ & ‘G#’

Harmonious Functions: openly able to express feelings and thought, living creatively, good sense of timing and rhythm, imaginative/colorful and clear speech, trusting your inner guidance, openly passing knowledge

‘Divine Air or ether deals with purity, ethics, knowledge and increase consciousness in harmony with characteristic ideals. In a negative expression it can produce uncontrolled thoughts (dissociated) or communications. But, in its higher state it expresses creative and /or spiritual thinking, and superlative skills in communication.’

Physical imbalance: cold symptoms, tickle or phlegm in the throat, coughing, stress, hyperactivity, allergies, signs of a goiter, stuffy/runny nose, fatigue

Heart Chakra Associated Libra/Taurus


Element: Earth

Musical Notes: Eb major, C minor

Ruling planet: Venus

Chakra: Heart – Anahata

Sound: Notes ‘F’ & ‘F#’


Element: Air

Musical Notes: D major, B minor

Physical Association: Heart, blood circulation, lower lungs, ribcage, skin, upper back

Gland: Thymus

Lesson: Relate to love, forgiveness and compassion (love and balance)

Basic Rights: to love and to be loved

Ruling Planet: Venus

Chakra: Heart – Anahata

Sound: Notes ‘F’ & ‘F#’

Harmonious Function: warmth, sincerity and happiness, strong connection to all of life, compassion and willingness to help, unity, peaceful and balanced, loving

‘Relates to Air. This center has a connection to love, beauty, allurement and the capacity to place harmony and social connection. This is the source of selfless unconditional love toward fellow man, creature, element and creation in its entirety. Negative effects create hedonistic, pleasure seeking behavior. On a higher level it can show unselfish love.’

Physical Imbalances: chest pain, lung congestion, pasty complexion, upper back tension, blood pressure imbalance, circulation imbalance, cold sweats, tight muscles, immune deficiency

 Solar Plexus Chakra Associated with Aries/Scorpio


Element: Water

Musical Notes: E major, C# minor

Ruling Planet: Mars (Pluto)

Chakra: Solar Plexus – Manipurak

Sound: Notes ‘E’ & ‘Eb’


Element: Fire

Musical Notes: Db major, Bb minor

Physical Association: liver, digestive system, stomach, spleen, gall bladder, autonomic nervous system, muscles and lower back

Gland: Pancreas and adrenals

Lesson: Ego, personality and self-esteem (transformation)

Basic Rights: To act and to be an individual

Ruling planet: Mars

Chakra: Solar Plexus – Manipurak

Sound: Notes ‘E’ & ‘Eb’

Harmonious Function: responsible and reliable, confidence and self esteem, spontaneity, playfulness and a sense of humor, ability to meet challenges, feeling of peace, balance and inner harmony, warm personality

‘Concern with the Fire element and express psychologically refers to emotions of a more energetic type. Solar plexus has power of imagination, vision of the future, desire for action, and coming to grips with past experiences “Inner fire that creates and destroys”. In negative expression it is anger and combativeness but, in the higher form it is strength and assertiveness.’

Physical Imbalances: puffed and bloated, burping, belching and gas, indigestion, diarrhea/constipation, sugar or salt cravings, tossing and turning between the hours of 1 and 3 am, middle back pain, thirsty all the time, easy to anger

 Sacral Chakra Associated with Pisces/Sagittarius


Element: Fire

Musical Notes: F major, D minor

Ruling Planet: Jupiter

Chakra: Sacral – Svadasthan

Sound: Notes ‘D’ & ‘C#’


Element: Water

Musical Notes: B major, G# minor

Physical Association: pelvic area, sex organs, fluid functions, kidney and bladder

Gland: Testicles and ovaries

Lesson: Relates to sexuality, work and physical desire (movement and connection)

Basic Rights: To fear and to have pleasure

Ruling Planet: Jupiter (Neptune)

Chakra: Sacral – Svandasthan

Sound: Notes ‘D’ & ‘C#’

Harmonious Function: graceful movement, ability to experience pleasure, ability to change, being creative, enthusiasm for life, nurturing self and others

‘Relates to water and governs the emotions and how we experience them. Elements of survival, sexuality, family, social ability and solidarity with the surrounding world are governed by the 2nd chakra. Negatively expressed it deals with escapism, excess, and dogmatism and at the higher level of expression it can relate to constructive enthusiasm and spiritual devotion’

Physical Imbalance: frequent and painful urination, lower back pain, swollen hands and feet, puffed and bloated, menstruation difficulties, depressed, mood swings, pain in legs or groin

Base Chakra Associated with Capricorn/Aquarius


Element: Air

Musical Notes: A major, F# minor

Ruling Planet: Saturn (Uranus)

Chakra: Base – Muladhara

Sound: Note ‘C’


Element: Earth

Musical Notes: G major, E minor

Physical Association: spinal column, legs, feet, bones, teeth, large intestine

Gland: Adrenals and Gonads

Lesson: Relates to the material world (Foundation)

Basic Rights:  To be here and have

Ruling Planet: Saturn

Chakra: Base – Muladhara

Sound: Note ‘C’

Harmonious Function: good health, well grounded, vitality, stability, prosperity, feeling of safety and security

‘Relates to the Earth and our connection to it. Mainly is the relationship to material plane and limitation to constructive and destructive forms. Trust, self-confidence and our sense in security in harmony with laws of nature are created here. At its lower level it deals with greed and lust, (drive for survival). At its highest expression it creates wise relation to the matter and physicality (the body and physically universe generally).

Physical Imbalances: poor circulation, varicose veins, pain in lower back, swollen hands and legs, lazy feeling, retain water, dry skin and hair, constipation, pale blotchy skin, belching/burping and gas, diarrhea, headaches

The aforementioned is potent information showing the relationship between the 7 chakras, 12 zodiac signs,  and the 7 primary colors. Although the text is only a brief overview of the relationships  don’t limit yourself to only this blog,  however explore  the content and seek overstanding and knowledge as it relates to this particular topic.