Mind Trip

by Pascale Denise

written by griffinjlg30
The human mind so great in design,
The human mind had purpose touched by the divine,
The human mind so easily mislead,
But the mind grows off the illusion that it’s fed,
Dates marked to give excitement to no end,
Masses chase after energy robbers of these constructed trends,
The human being is the unique creation of this world,
Granted permission to roam free in will and thought,
Although its original innovate nature seems at times to be lost,
Captured in this mental prison…
Don’t disturb them with topics like this,
Cause in the human mind they say “Prison where is it?”
Don’t be fooled by the sparkle in their eyes,
They are sleep even though in the street they wave as they walk by,
Fogged perception,
Shattered glass,
Mislead… Miss fed… Calendars are just a marking for the blind…
Your design was a creation that is not M I N D