The Flow of Energy (The Law of Vibration)

by Pascale Denise

Everything in the universe has energy & therefore vibrates. Everything & everyone “tunes” into the plane, world, sphere and/or dimension corresponding to their own unique vibrations. Energy is vibration, hue-man beings are completely made up of pure energy in the form of the physical body, although the body & physical surroundings appear to be in a solid state as perceived through our five senses. Thus the Law of Vibrations states:
 Everything in the universe, no matter what it may be is energy. Energy makes up the entire universe.
 Most people are familiar with sound as a form of vibration. However as we move up the vibrational scale, there are the vibrations of electricity, heat, the spectrum of the colors, & further up we have the vibrations of x-rays. As things move up the vibrational scale, they eventually rejoin the Source, Yahuaha/God. Rejoining with the Creator & obtaining Christ-consciousness is the ultimate destiny of every hue-man being. If we are to constantly raise our vibrations of the soul & spirit by virtue of the process of perfection, we can achieve harmony with the Creator, at which point the vibration of our spiritual body will approach that of the Source.
Modern science limits the Law of Vibrations to be finite and limited to the physical world. However vibrations surpass that of the physical world. So again everything whether or not perceived through our physical senses has energy/vibrations. Every part of our being has energy, including our thoughts. And so it goes if we become aligned with the universe in vibration, we will be able to attract whatever the vibrations point to.
The Dogon Perspective of the Universe’s Energy Flow/Vibrations
The Dogon Tribe is an African tribe that lives in the Southeastern Mali & Burkino Faso regions. They have kept & continue to develop their culture & traditions despite the heavy Muslim presence in the region. They are primarily known for their advanced knowledge of astronomy despite lacking specialized scientific tools & their link to the Sirius star.
The Dogon Tribe also believe in the Universe’s energetic dialogue with celestial bodies and how energy flows to maintain perfect harmony with the Earth. Their term for this concept is the Bayuali. The Bayuali is defined as:
the channel through which any entities in the universe projects their energy.
According to the Dogon, everything on Earth is in perfect harmony, through the flow of energy within entities. This energy flow is what maintains all life on Earth. The energy flow maintains a dialogue between the Earth & all entities.  An entity is considered to be handicapped when the dialogue between it & the Earth is not maintained, at which point the Earth will see it as useless and self destructive. If the dialogue is not being maintained & entities are presenting themselves as obstacles to this continuous dialogue, the Earth eliminates it. The Earth would sacrifice every hue-man being to maintain perfect harmony hence the occurrence of natural disasters.
The Importance of Our Energy Flow/Vibrational Patterns
Essentially our identity is directly linked to the Earth. Through the harmonious balance of our energy with the Earth we can reach perfection. To achieve this harmonious balance we must first decide whether to live as preservers of life or as destructors of life and live accordingly. If we are to choose to be preservers of life, our behavior must be that of a preserver and we too must align our thoughts with that of the universe in order to attain harmonious balance. I leave you with this clip from the movie Avatar (see video in previous post).