The Awakening

"Knowledge is the accumulation of facts… wisdom is the deduction from these facts of useful laws, a process which can only take place by comparing the facts in one compartment with those in all others, thus giving a vision of the whole." ~~Vera Stanley Alder~~

The Flow of Energy (The Law of Vibration)

by Pascale Denise

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The Seat of the Soul (the Pineal Gland)

by Johnta' Lavell Hotep

Man know thy self! The look for ascension outside of your holy temple is not necessary.  The ancients explain to us with a simple phrase “Man, know thy self” the ladder to heaven. This is a course that is found within the understanding of one’s self.  When you look into ancient culture the Greeks viewed the pineal gland as a connection to the “Realms of Thought” and the “Seat of the Soul”.

So, what is this gland actually? The pineal gland is a shaped like a pine cone and is about the size of a pea. The size of this powerful gland reminds one of the parable that is spoken of in the scriptures by Yahusha/Jesus, Matthew 13:31 “The kingdom of heaven is like a mustard seed…” The pineal is in the geometric center of the brain between the left and right hemisphere. It is tucked in a small ‘cave’ where both thalamic bodies join and is attached behind the eyes to the third ventricle.

The imagery that explains what the pineal gland appears to be is something that you see in some powerful cities. Understanding that our body is a holy temple will solve a lot of the mysteries to life. Vatican City has a structure that is eerily similar to what the pineal gland is described as:

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by Pascale Denise